Sponsor a Tie Program

Over one hundred years ago, the citizens of Stewartstown and surrounding area decided that they needed a railroad. A railroad was a connection to the outside world. They pooled their cash, formed a corporation, and built a railroad, letting the people of Stewartstown send their goods and passengers out to the rest of the world.

Times have changed. Interstate highways, county roads, and the internet have changed the role of a railroad. Nowadays, the Stewartstown Railroad will be carrying tourists, fans, and hopefully some freight cars. But, again we need your help.

Ravages of weather, time, and legal obstacles have taken their toll on the railroad. Crews of enthusiastic, hardworking volunteers have been working on the rail line, bringing it back to safe, operating condition. Perhaps you’ve seen them on the line, or heard a sound missing from the area for many years – the wail of a locomotive horn. And while these volunteers have been working, they have done what many didn’t think they could: they’ve replaced so many ties that have nearly exhausted the supply of ties that the railroad had. More were purchased, and installed, but we’ve reached a point where we need your help.

We’d like to introduce our ‘Sponsor a Tie’ program. For a donation of only $20.00, we will purchase a railroad tie in your name. When you do so, we’ll send you a letter of thanks and a certificate of  recognition. The names of all who purchased ties will be displayed proudly on a page here  on this website.   Purchase one (or many) for yourself, or as a gift for that person on your list who loves trains.

We hope you help us with our program. Help us reach back to the past, to connect with those who thought about our future. Be a part of the new Stewartstown Railroad.