New Freedom Specials Cancelled Until Further Notice

Folks, we are sorry to report that we will have to cancel our scheduled New Freedom Special train rides for the foreseeable future.

During one of the last snowstorms of the year, on or about March 21st, it appears that a snowplow in Hopewell Township, driving down East Tolna Road from 851, neither followed East Tolna Road, nor turned left onto Deer Creek road, but instead proceeded straight through the fork, and damaged our track, rendering it unpassable at this time.

It appears that said plow also tore off one of its plow shoes as it did so, because we found it at the site of the damage.

No entity, from any government department, municipality, or private contractor, has come forward to inform us that they did the damage to our rails. We were told of the damage by one of our volunteers. (We are an all volunteer group.) We believe this to have been an accident, and not an act of vandalism.

We are in the process of working with PennDot to close the roads and replace the crossing, but this will take time and money. We hope to have the line fully open again by summer.

If anyone has any information about this accident, we’d appreciate it if you could contact us.

If anyone would like to make a donation to help us pay for these repairs, donations can be made to the Friends of the Stewartstown Railroad ( ) and your tax-deductible donation can be directed towards Tolna Crossing Repair.

Thanks again, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience.