Volunteer Work Days

10303729_472855259516526_7445665305571050436_nVolunteers are needed to help work on the Stewartstown Railroad. We’ll be updating this schedule frequently, so be sure to check it often as more days are added. Please contact the crew leader with questions, or to let them know you may be coming to help with planning.

Steel-toed boots, hearing protection, eye protection, and work gloves are required. We’ll provide the water and vests, as well as a safety briefing.



2019 Work Weekends:

January Work Days: Friday, January 18th through Sunday, January 20tt 2019 @ 9AM

February Work Days: Friday, February  15th through Sunday, February  17th 2019 @ 9AM

March Work Days: Friday, March  15th through Sunday, March  17th 2019 @ 9AM

April  Work Days: Friday, April 26th through Sunday, April  28th 2019 @ 9AM

May  Work Days: Friday, May 17th through Sunday, May  19th 2019 @ 9AM

June  Work Days: Friday, June 21st through Sunday, June  23rd 2019 @ 9AM

July  Work Days: Friday, July 19th through Sunday, July  21st 2019 @ 9AM

August  Work Days: Friday, August 16th through Sunday, August  18th 2019 @ 9AM

September  Work Days: Saturday, September 20th through Sunday, September  22nd 2019 @ 9AM

October  Work Days: Friday,October 18th through Sunday ,October  20th 2019 @ 9AM

November  Work Days: Friday,  November 15th through Sunday, November  17th 2019 @ 9AM

Scheduled work will be weather dependent. Assuming the line open we can be out cutting brush, tightening bolts, working on bridges, replacing ties etc.

If there is inclement weather and the line is not passable, we will be working inside in the coach, enginehouse and station (Clean-up and organize, etc.).


Coach Work: To Be Determined.
Coach restoration work session. Windows, doors, and more!
Contact crew leader: Info@stewartstownrailroadco.com