Wednesday Night Work Crew Reborn – August 29; September 5 and 12

We will be having the Wednesday night work crew back. We will be working on small jobs on the East End of the railroad, that we cannot get to during the regular work weekends when we are focused on major track and equipment work. We plan to be working on the wye tracks, coach and station house tracks, as well as doing equipment maintenance and repairs, building repairs and maybe even minor coach and locomotive work as needed. We will meet at the station between 5:30 and will work to dark. This is not usually going to be an out-on-the line work session, but maybe if there is some special job that is of short duration and we could get too without running too late. Everyone is welcome to come out and help. This will be a good time for new people to come out and learn new tasks, tools and equipment while working with our most experienced and knowledgeable crew leaders.

We plan to have Wednesday Night Work Crews on August 29th, September 5th, and September 12th.

Hope you can help us out!